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Published by Samuel French Ltd

Large Mixed Cast

This contemporary re-telling of an ancient folk-story uses allegory and humour to explore major challenges of our time

It begins when the wise Sophia enters a starving Village and declares she will feed everyone with her magical soup

But first Makomo must follow the Star and persuade Mr & Mrs North to give up their control of the Giant Cooking Pot

They finally agree and soon the Giant Cooking Pot begins to boil and bubble

Hungry and curious, the Villagers gather around

Sophia asks them to each contribute a stone to help make her soup

They think she’s mad

But their children quickly oblige

And – as if by magic – the soup begins to acquire a delicious taste and smell!

But when Sophia speaks of peace and justice, the fearsome General Mayhem marches into the Village and orders Major Hazard to seize the soup and place it under military control

Sophia faces the firing squad and all seems lost

Buy Now Green Button Png - Free Transparent PNG Download ...But the human spirit finally prevails and the Play ends with a dance and the hope of a new beginning