As She Likes It

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Published by Dramatic Publishing

Large Mixed Cast

As She Likes It is an anthology of 8 short plays featuring famous and familiar women from Shakespeare’s canon

Women who have had muted voices in the Bard’s plays

But in As She Likes It they take center stage

Here, the female characters boldly step outside of the male-dominated context of their original works, sometimes into another time and place, where they discuss the choices they made and how they navigated the power structures that controlled their lives

The result is a unique full-length theatrical experience offering great roles for women

And also opportunities for thoughtful scene study, opening a larger conversation about how these women’s stories still resonate in our lives

The 8 short plays are …

  • The Shrew Must Go On ~ Lori M Myers

  • A Women’s Battle ~ Sean Adams

  • Another Conversation ~ Marjorie Bicknell

  • Beatriz … If You Speak of Love ~ David Nice

  • The Lear Sisters ~ Sue Lange

  • Dance

  • Haircuts ~ Barbara Trainin Blank

  • The Nurse’s Rebellion ~ Sandra Fenichel Asher


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