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Published by Oberon

Large Mixed Cast

This BARGAIN BUNDLE offers two acclaimed plays for young people:

THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ – Re-Imagined & Re-Twisted

Large Mixed Cast

Caroline Bird from L Frank Baum

A cyclone sweeps a young girl and her cheeky little dog Toto far-far away from their grey, boring lives

She didn’t mean for her house to land on the Wicked Witch of the East

But here she is, in the Land of Oz, ready for an adventure

Along the yellow brick road to the Emerald City she meets plenty of new friends like Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion

And a few enemies

But in just one day, this little girl revolutionizes an entire nation

She brings freedom and colour

Her name is Dorothy

And she’d rather keep her trainers than wear Ruby slippers

Expect magic and mayhem in this brand new version of the classic children’s story for adventurers aged 7+ (and their families)

CINDERELLA – A Fairytale

3 Male, 2 Female

Sally Cookson & Adam Peck

Winner of a 2014 Off West End Award and Nominated for an Olivier Award

This stage version of Cinderella has captivated audiences with its dazzlingly original take on one of the oldest and best-loved fairytales of all times

When Ella’s mother dies, she’s brought up by her devoted and loving father who teaches her the names and calls of the woodland birds that surround their home

But when her father marries again, Ella’s peaceful life is turned upside down by a host of new and unpleasant relations

It appears her only allies are the feathered friends who roost in the trees

But these are no ordinary birds

With crystal-clear storytelling, this classic tale of fortunes reversed is brought startlingly and imaginatively to fresh life

This is a play to enchant all ages


” … funny, heart-warming and beautiful piece of stage craft. This Cinderella is a treat” ~ Independent

“This non-panto fairy-tale is so bewitching that you’d gladly watch it in a heat wave … A modern classic that ends with a kiss, an embrace, and a puff on an inhaler … low on syrup and full of magic” ~ The Times

Buy Now Green Button Png - Free Transparent PNG Download ...” … a real classic, an exquisite Cinderella for all seasons that gets right to the heart of the story and offers its own delicious and surprising twists … This is not just a great Christmas show, but a great night for all times and ages” ~ Lyn Gardner, Guardian