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Published by Nick Hern Books

The most comprehensive and practical drama resource ever published for anyone working with young children (including parents!)

The book offers material that will engage any child aged 3 and up – from the most reticent to the supremely confident

And it’s an ideal way to explore and encourage skills of creativity, self-expression, tolerance, mutual respect, problem-solving and communication, in a safe, non-threatening environment

This rich resource of inspirational drama games has been compiled by an expert in the field who has taught from pre-school through to further education

Its dip-in, flick-through, easy-to-use, pocket-sized format is packed with over 200 individual games and is perfect for teachers, playgroup leaders and drama facilitators who want to inspire and entertain children with vibrant and engaging drama experiences

It also includes 40 complete and easy-to-follow lesson plans that can be implemented with little prior preparation

All appropriate for exploring the curriculum or running extra-curricular workshops

Also included is advice on preparing sessions, and there’s a template lesson plan you can download

The action-packed sessions will transport you and your group to enchanted forests, pirate ships, bustling farmyards or the bottom of the sea, via magic-carpet rides or a journey through outer space

They incorporate vocal exercises, mime and movement, nursery rhymes and fairytales, character development, costumes, songs and music, puppetry, art and text work


Buy Now Green Button Png - Free Transparent PNG Download ...‘Tapping into a child’s ability to play is the way to educate our children and inspire them to learn. Katherine Zachest understands this and her book is a fantastic tool with which to do it’ ~ Sally Cookson, from her Foreword