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Published by Meriwether Press

Subtitled Seventy-four Scenes of Cultural Diversity, this is a unique Collection of scenes drawn from broad range of American theatre:

  • Native-American

  • African-American

  • Hispanic

  • Jewish American

  • Asian-American

The 74 scenes provide a stepping stone to the study of minority writing

Both scenes and playwright are examined in their historical and cultural perspective

The Scenes range from a couple of minutes to ten or more minutes and each is preceded by background information and discussion/analysis to help develop characterizations

The introduction explains the history of “minority theatre” and presents both directors and student actors with general suggestions for dramatic presentations

Each chapter is introduced by a short synopsis of the theater of a particular culture

Questions for students follow each scene, providing not only direction for the performance of the plays, but also some basic tools for criticism and cultural studies for literature classes

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