Buy Now Green Button Png - Free Transparent PNG Download ...Johnny and the Dead

by Stephen Briggs from Terry Pratchett

Published by Oxford University Press

Large Mixed Cast

When Johnny Maxwell visits the local cemetery, he discovers that he can see the dead

He can talk to them, too – much to his friends’ amazement!

So when the news breaks that the local council plans to sell the cemetery to a property developer, Johnny learns that there are some things in life (and death) that are worth fighting for …


The Oxford Playscripts series offers exciting and skilful adaptations of a range of major novels and also includes …

* New, innovative activities specifically tailored for Key Stage 3 English & Drama – 11-14 year old students)

* Activities include work on Speaking and Listening, close text analysis and the structure of playscripts, and as a springboard for personal writing

* Insights into the plays from their distinguished authors and adapters

* Advice on staging

* Speaking parts: 6 male; 18 female; 5 either