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by Stephen Briggs from Terry Pratchett

Published by Samuel French Ltd

Large Mixed Cast

Lord Vetinari wants to overhaul the banks of Ankh-Morpork so he appoints former con-man Albert Spangler, aka Moist von Lipwig, to the position of Mater of the Royal Mint, attached to a senior post at the Bank of Ankh-Morpork

Then Mrs Lavish, the bank manager, dies, leaving her dog Mr Fusspot – who also happens to be the majority shareholder – to Moist

Suddenly he finds himself in charge, and his life being threatened by resentful members of the Lavish family

His talent for a swindle soon has customers queuing up, but when the chairman of the bank needs to be taken out for walkies and its chief cashier may or may not be a vampire, making money is not always easy

M19 F10 + Extras – Various simple settings

“As bright and shiny as a newly minted coin; clever, engaging and laugh-out-loud funny” ~ The Times