No Stable Too Small – Fifteen Christmas Plays for Churches of All Sizes

This great value festive Collection offers no fewer than 15 Christmas plays

These humorous, down-to-earth plays each bring a fresh perspective to the Christmas story through such creative devices as imagining the thoughts and feelings of fringe characters (like an innkeeper or a servant or one of the magi)

Or by updating the story with contemporary settings and characters

It also offers a variety of practical material for a range of situations – from shorter plays with small casts and lines that can be easily mastered by younger children to more elaborate pieces with sophisticated themes for older children and adults

The flexible scenes are especially valuable for small congregations that lack the resources to mount large-scale productions

No sets are required, and only simple costumes and minimal props are needed

And with a running time of about 20 minutes each, it’s easy to fit them within a Christmas Eve or Advent Sunday worship service


No Stable Too Small

Love Finds a Way

It Wasn’t the Hilton, You Know

Christmas Eve at Angel School

Because God Said So, That’s Why

No Small Parts

“Unto Us a Child Is Born”

Miracles? No Problem!

And seven more!