The Jungle Book by Stuart Paterson, adapted from the book by Rudyard Kipling

Darker than the Disney classic, this is a Jungle Book red in tooth and claw. Packed with great songs and a snappy script, this show knows exactly what the kids want. The story begins with a little boy lost in the jungle. The evil Shere Khan, the tiger, stalks him but before he can kill him, Akela the wolf, and king of the jungle, protects the young boy and takes him in as his own. We follow Mowgli, the boy, as he grows in the wild, learning from his wise teachers, Balu and Bagheera, playing with the monkeys and trying to hide from Shere Khan. As Mowgli grows, he begins to wonder of his life with the men and following a large argument returns to his village where he is faced with yet more alienation and struggle. This is a heart-warming story,that shows the importance of friendship and trust within diversity.