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Published by Methuen

The Storyteller Sequence brings together Philip Ridley’s five acclaimed one-act plays for young people …

As an old woman and five teenagers begin to act out stories for a mute and frightened child, they begin to discover a little of who they were and what they can be

Karamazoo is a fifteen-minute monologue about one of the coolest, most popular kids in the school, whose recent increase in popularity is the direct result of a character make-over following the death of a parent

A witty and moving performance piece for the teenage actor

Fairytaleheart features two fifteen-year-olds, Kirsty and Gideon, who meet for the first time and come to terms with their broken families by sharing their hopes, fears and past experiences – as well as stories – in a derelict community centre

Sparkleshark tells of fourteen-year-old Jake – a victim of bullying and other teenager’s mockery – who has to take refuge on the roof of a tower block in order to write his stories

Moonfleece sees Curtis, a young right-wing activist, arrange a meeting in a flat of a derelict tower block where he lived as a child

But his older brother’s ghost keeps haunting him

An intense and thrilling exploration of memory and identity.

Buy Now Green Button Png - Free Transparent PNG Download ...Brokenville features an unknown disaster, which has left seven characters with little knowledge of who they are or of what has happened