Christmas on Stage anthologyIt’s barely two months before Christmas is upon us and, unless you like to push things to the last minute you should be well on your way to producing your Christmas play by now. We’d love to know what you’ve chosen so tell us what play you will be performing in the comments section.

We want to make sure you get the most from your production, so here are some things you should be thinking of now, if you aren’t already:

– Costumes and props – tend to be more complex in Christmas plays so you need to get the wardrobe and props teams going early.
– Setting and scenery – now you’ve started your rehearsals and have a good idea how you will block the script, it’s time to get the the set designed and built.
– Get the kids off the book – actors can’t concentrate on performance while they are struggling to remember their lines or reading from the script. You need to rehearse your cast off-book so now you need to put some pressure on to get those lines learned.
– Programmes and posters – have to be designed, printed and circulated – if it’s not happening now it’s getting late to start!
– Rehearsal schedule – sometimes you start with a loose schedule but as curtain up draws closer you need to get a firm schedule in place and make sure everyone knows when they need to be there.

If you want to give your Christmas production a lift then get in touch and tell us about it – if it looks interesting we’ll give you a mention on our Twitter feed.

Good luck