Trick or treat? Get your kids on stage for Halloween drama


31st October – All Hallows’ E’en – Halloween. Call it what you like it’s mostly a thinly disguised excuse for kids to roam around the neighbourhood dressed as unconvincing skeletons and vampires extorting treats (preferably money) from weary adults who don’t want to be grumpy or don’t like cleaning egg-and-flour mix from their doorsteps on 1st November.

But if your kids like to get into gruesome costume there are ways they can spend their time that are just a bit more theatrical than than pumpkin carving.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Bay of Play’s Countdown to Halloween 2012

It’s time to get spooky, and just a little bit kookie, when the Count, Elmo, and their friends take the stage at the Bay of Play for this frightfully fun Hal…



Halloween theater: Spooky plays in Chicago – RedEye Chicago

Just when you thought it was safe to go out to the theater, these blood-curdling comedies and dramas of doom have emerged from the grave-or, technically, from behind the curtain-to heat.

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Spooks, costumes and candy are only part of the fun at Halloween. But they are fun, and Writer Gregory Pastel has adapted the book DRACULA to a stage play, but is unable to interest anyone in his play. A turn of fortune

Stage makeup Tue Oct 06 12:36:53 -0500 2009

A powerpoint for class


Halloween Drama Class, Exeter | Exeter Baby Activities Tue, 08 Oct 2013 20:34:07 GMT

Halloween Drama Class, Exeter. Spooky Halloween Fun with Pyjama Drama at the Hub on the Green. Perfect for October half term. 20131008-093101 PM.jpg. Share this: Facebook · Twitter · Pinterest; More.

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Penobscot Theatre Dramatic Academy is thrilled to announce their youth production of The Witches. To celebrate Halloween, literacy, and live performance, Dramatic Academy’s Tiny Thespians and Youth Troupe will

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Forget about those pretty vampires from Twilight. I prefer my undead characters to be sinister, bloody thirsty, and terrifying to behold. And I also prefer.