Kid's Puppet

Puppetry for Kids

We love puppets for kids for all sorts of reasons. Puppet-making and performances exist in all cultures and all ages. Puppets can be improvised from the simplest, cheapest materials and yet fire the imagination of both the puppeteer and and audience. Yet while puppetry for kids can be simple and easy, puppets can also yield highly convincing professional performances as… Read more →

Make your kids drama production fly

Make Your Kids Drama Production Fly

This is the time of year when many people are busy rehearsing plays and musicals in time for performances around Christmas time: school plays, youth drama groups and amateur companies are all at it.  If you are in charge of a kids drama production this year then this is for you, as we have rounded up some great advice on… Read more →

Don't let October 31st become a Halloween drama

Don’t let October 31st become a Halloween drama

Trick or treat? Get your kids on stage for Halloween drama   31st October – All Hallows’ E’en – Halloween. Call it what you like it’s mostly a thinly disguised excuse for kids to roam around the neighbourhood dressed as unconvincing skeletons and vampires extorting treats (preferably money) from weary adults who don’t want to be grumpy or don’t like… Read more →