Roald Dahl Day 2013Today is the eighth Roald Dahl Day which is celebrated on 13th September each year. Given the author’s amazing collection of grisly, horrible characters it seems fitting that we are celebrating his life and work on Friday the 13th this year.
Roald Dahl day is celebrated by fans of the author every September. This year there are events taking place at the Roald Dahl museum on Sunday 15th and many other events during the month.
But Dahl was best known as a novelist not as a stage writer, so what has this got to do with kids drama? Having penned some of the most popular children’s books of the 20th century and populated them with wonderful, dramatic characters is no surprise that Roal Dahls plays became popular as stage adaptations. Even now, 23 years after his death, stage productions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and others are playing to packed houses in major theatres around the world.
So lets all make Roald Dahl Day an excuse, if one is needed, for exploring the dramatic works of the great man and maybe bringing those wonderful stories to life on a stage near you.